The Records Unit consists of two shifts operating 7 days a week. The Records Unit is currently staffed by 15 program technicians and two Supervising program technicians. Records Unit also relies on extra help employees to assist in accomplishing the many tasks the unit is responsible for.

The Records Unit is responsible for processing, distributing and maintaining all police reports written by Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Deputies. Over 23,000 reports are generated each year. These include records of criminal cases, incident reports, traffic citations, impounded, stolen, towed and stored vehicles, agency assist and other reports for which records are maintained. Other Records task performed are vehicle releases, background checks for authorized Law Enforcement, record checks for public and authorized private agencies, scanning of police report related documents, national and statewide teletype services, subpoenas, preparing monthly and yearly statistics for the Sheriff's Office to report to the Department of Justice. Records staff also process over 42,000 warrants and 6,400 restraining orders a year.

The Records Unit also provides over the counter services to citizens by visiting our Administration Office at 2200 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA  93721. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The Records Unit can be reached by calling (559) 600-8400. 

Public Services through the Records Office include:

  • Provide information and copies of police reports to victims or authorized representatives and insurance companies. 
  • Provide an incident call summary upon request. 
  • Provide vehicle release and storage information for impound, towed/stored, recovered stolen and repossessed vehicles.
  • Provide a Fresno County Sheriff’s Office letter of clearance for immigration or visa purposes.
  • Provide a copy of arrest tag with date of release for in custody verification purposes.
  • Place child custody and restraining orders on file.
  • Provide warrant information.