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Community crime prevention addresses real problems while it revives civic energy and community spirit. It is most effective when it mobilizes the skills and resources of committed residents and organizations.

Neighborhood Watch joins communities and law enforcement in a coordinated effort to suppress crime and exchange information. An effective Watch Group is organized by concerned citizens who involve their neighbors in an effort to improve their personal and property safety.

Neighborhood Watch works because most criminals do not like to work in areas where they may be detected. A criminal's chance of being detected increases when neighbors are alert and watchful for suspicious activity.

The Neighborhood Watch Program can improve neighborhood safety in the following ways:

  • Crime prevention personnel offer free home security inspections to all residents.
  • Watch Group members are encouraged to mark their property with their California Drivers License Number. This practice will improve the chance of recovery if your property should be stolen.
  • Crime Prevention Personnel are available to speak to your Watch Groups on a variety of topics, including personal safety, fraud, auto theft, etc.

Call the Fresno County Sheriff's Area 3 Headquarters at 559-600-8175 and ask for information on Neighborhood Watch. Crime Prevention personnel will come to your home to conduct a meeting. They will share with you the information you need to help reduce the chances of becoming a crime victim.

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