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Effective Saturday, May 29, 2021, inmate visitations at all Fresno County Jail facilities are allowed. For more information on modified visitation procedures, click here.

The Sheriff’s Office does not provide Notary Public Services.  Should documents need to be notarized for an inmate that is in custody the following process will need to be completed.

  1. Send a Fax with the identifier of the Notary Public, fax and phone number to the Watch Commander Fax # 559-488-3982
  2. Your name and title.
  3. Indicate the inmates name and date of birth.
  4. Date and time to be conducted.
  5. Be prepared to present appropriate documentation and ID to the Main Jail Lobby Officer for verification
  6. Notary Public requests without having Jail Clearance, will be conducted in a Bond Room located in the Main Jail 1st floor  or  the 1st floor of South Annex Jail if the inmate is housed in the South Annex.

When the fax is received, your will receive a response either telephonically, email or Faxed by the Watch Commander or the designee indicating approval or denial. 

Jail Questions

How do I get information about someone who was arrested?

To see if someone is in custody, check the Inmate Information Center, or you may call (559) 475-9491.

Can I order packaged goods online for an inmate?

Yes -- MyCarePack.com gives you the opportunity to show friends and loved ones you're thinking of them while they're incarcerated.