Skaggs Bridge Park

Shortly after 4:00 pm on Sunday at Skaggs Bridge Park (Kerman), 47 year old Maria Dolores of Fresno was wading in the water with her husband.

They were holding hands as they walked through the San Joaquin River when they hit a drop-off in the bottom of approximately 12 feet. Maria, who did not know how swim, slipped out of her husband's grasp and went underwater, never resurfacing. A 911 call was placed.

At 4:30 pm, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Madera County Sheriff’s Office and American Ambulance responded to the park. Divers entered the water at at 6:00 pm, Maria's body was recovered.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind people to be safe while doing activities in and around water. Know your limits and take simple precautions such as:

1) Always wear a life jacket.
2) Do not enter the water if you’re not an experienced swimmer.
3) Do not mix alcohol and swimming. Alcohol causes swimmers to fatigue faster than normal and can create dangerous situations.
4) Be cautious of your footing in lakes and rivers. It’s not unusual to encounter a steep drop-off or have your feet get stuck in muddy conditions, which can be difficult to escape.

Skaggs Bridge Park

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Public Information Officer
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