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The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office today announced the arrest of four persons, including the land owner, in connection with yesterday’s marijuana eradication effort in the 3500 block of E Lincoln Ave.

Yesterday morning, Fresno County Sheriff’s detectives arrived at the residence after receiving a tip advising of 500-1000 marijuana plants at the grow site.

When detectives arrived on scene, five suspected growers ran from the grow site but were quickly apprehended and detained. A sixth person was detained at the residence.

Upon checking the property, detectives discovered twelve “hothouse” grows within fifty yards of the residence, and several acres of plants being grown at the rear of the property. The estimate was revised to several thousand plants, and detectives from several other units were requested to assist in the eradication effort. The final plant count was 8074 marijuana plants.

As a result of the investigation, four persons were arrested on charges of marijuana cultivation including the land owner, 81 year old Richard Lucero, 61 year old Inthasing Vilaythong, 41 year old Khounkham Keovilay, and 49 year old Sorn Xaiyaosatirach. All are from Fresno.

All four were also cited on the county’s ordinance prohibiting the growing of marijuana. They face potential fines of over $8 million.

Lucero’s property was also targeted last year by detectives for the same offense.

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