Two men involved in the November, 2012 shooting of an off-duty deputy as he cycled along Friant Rd were both sentenced yesterday. 

Twenty seven year old Larry Dean McLaughlin, identified as the shooter, was sentenced to six years in state prison with a strike, and 24 year old Christopher Touchstone, the driver, was sentenced to four years in prison with a strike.  Both will have to serve at least eighty five percent of their terms before being eligible for parole.


The deputy was shot on the afternoon of November 6th, 2012 as he rode his bicycle just south of the town of Friant.  The deputy was struck once in the back, the force knocking him off of his bicycle and to the ground.  When he looked up, the deputy saw the rear passenger in a blue colored SUV pulling a rifle back inside the vehicle.  The vehicle continued northbound on Friant Rd towards the town of Friant.

The injured deputy initially thought he had been shot with a paintball gun.  When he checked his back for paint, he discovered he was bleeding from a wound near his spine.  He immediately used his cell phone to call the Sheriff’s Office. 

The deputy was transported to Community Regional Medical Center, and spent several months off work due to his injuries.

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