We know theft can strike any day of the year, but it's during the holiday season that many of us tend to make combating it, more of a priority. Take a look at the following prevention tips. Start incorporating these tips into your life today and continue to do so everyday to help keep you, your family and your belongings safe.

• Always lock doors and windows to your home and vehicle.


• Remove your garage door opener from your car if it is parked outside. Criminals can return later and use it to burglarize your home.


• Remove all valuable items from inside your vehicle if parked outside. Hot ticket items for thieves include: Packages, cell phones, purses and wallets. 


• To prevent identity theft, it's also a good idea to remove personal documents from your glove box or console. Vehicle registration and insurance cards can be kept in your wallet, just make sure to keep extra copies in a safe place at home. Never carry your social security card on you.


• Activate any anti-theft devices you may have on your vehicle or install one. Most anti-theft devices cost less than the deductible you would pay to replace windows that were broken and items that were stolen.


• Consider installing burglar alarm and / or surveillance camera systems. Check the systems on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning properly. Photographic evidence is proven to an important tool that helps detectives solve cases as it often allows the public get involved in looking for suspects.


• Keep your property well lit. You may consider purchasing motion activated lights, which help to deter criminal activity.


• Keep bushes and trees trimmed back to limit hiding places around your house. Criminals tend to hide in these bushes to gain entry into your home.


• Stay aware of activity in your neighborhood and report suspicious persons or suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office.


• If you go on vacation, do not publicize it (i.e. Facebook). Keep the circle of people you notify to a very small number.


• Get you know your neighbors. Exchange phone numbers and email addresses to stay informed.


• Make an effort to collect your mail from your mailbox each day.  If you are heading out of town, arrange for a trusted friend to retrieve your mail and newspapers upon delivery.


• If you order a package, select a destination where someone will be there to receive it. Possibilities other than your house include your workplace or a relative who is typically always home. Also, sign up for text or email delivery notifications from companies so you know when your shipment arrives.


• Contact the Sheriff’s Office for a “House Check” if you live in the county limits and go on vacation. http://www.fresnosheriff.org/protect-yourself/crime-prevention/house-check.html


• Take photographs of your jewelry or unique items for reporting purposes.


• Download the Fresno Sheriff Mobile App. It is available to download for free through Google Play and the App Store. In the search, type “Fresno Sheriff.” 


• Keep a record of serial numbers to items such as televisions, computers and tablets. (The FSO mobile app offers a "property catalog" function that makes it easy to do this task). 


• Join www.nextdoor.com and use the app to keep in touch with your neighbors. The Sheriff’s Office is a member of Nextdoor and uses it as a valuable tool to pass along important information to Fresno County residents.

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Public Information Officer
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