Summer is fast approaching and we know you will be hitting our natural waterways and private swimming pools to cool off.

Fresno County Sheriff's Office County of Fresno CAL FIRE/Fresno County Fire Fresno Fire Department American Ambulance - Fresno/Kings California would like to remind the public to be safe in and around water and to take simple measures to protect themselves.

1) Wear a life jacket. Make sure children have one that fits them properly.

2) Stay close to shore if you are not an experienced swimmer.

3) Parents should watch their children at all times.

4) Do not mix alcohol and swimming. Alcohol causes swimmers to fatigue faster than normal and can create dangerous situations.

5) Understand that when it’s extremely hot outside you will get tired faster than usual.

6) Respect the water. The temperature of the water remains cold and the current is often stronger than it appears. There can be debris in the water, which is difficult to see and may cause hazardous situations for swimmers. Be careful of the mud on the bottom of lakes and rivers, it’s easy to sink in some spots and get your feet stuck.

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