Sheriff Margaret Mims, Correctional Officer Juanita Davila, Carrissa Carrillo, Joseph Carrillo, Love Carrillo, Jayda Carrillo and Faith Carrillo

On Wednesday, November 23rd, five children from the Carrillo family took to the aisles of Toys “R” Us in Clovis to shop for gifts at the top of their wish lists.

The children, whose ages range from three through seven, are all siblings.  On September 3rd, 2016, they were in the lobby of the Fresno County Jail with their family members when an armed suspect opened fire and injured two of our correctional officers.  In an effort to help with the healing process of that traumatic event, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office employees worked to create a positive holiday experience for these children.

The Fresno County Public Safety Association and Fresno Sheriff’s Correctional Sergeant Association donated $750 to purchase five Toys “R” Us gift cards valued at $150 each.  Additionally, the store located at 1425 Shaw Ave. opened its doors at 7:00 am, one hour early, exclusively for these kids to have a private shopping experience. Toys "R" Us also gave each child a generous discount on their entire purchase in order to allow them to get all of the items they desired.

Juanita Davila, one of our correctional officers injured during the shooting, was there to present each child with a new bike, backpack full of supplies and a coat courtesy of the Sheriff’s Foundation for Public Safety.  Project Linus also gave each child a handmade blanket, which serves to provide them a sense of comfort and security.

Thank you to the staff at Clovis Toys "R" Us for making this a memorable experience for the Carrillo family and the Fresno County Sheriff's Office!

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