Roberts, W

Fresno County Search and Rescue personnel, in cooperation with Sequoia and Kings National Park staff, have successfully located a Virginia man who was reported missing yesterday morning. 62 year old William Roberts of Lexington, Virginia was found in good condition in Crown Valley.

Yesterday morning, family members contacted the Park Service to report Williams being three days overdue from a packing trip. Because the area was partially in Fresno County, Park Service officials contacted the Sheriff’s Office and a joint search effort was initiated.

First responding deputies located William’s rental car at the Rancheria Trailhead. The vehicle was locked and covered in snow.

Several searchers were inserted into the search area yesterday evening. Twenty Sheriff’s SAR personnel were involved in the search as well as sixteen Park Service staff. Also assisting was the Sheriff’s helicopter “Eagle One, CHP’s helicopter “H40, and an NPS helicopter.

Earlier today, shortly before 11:30am, Sheriff’s SAR personnel located Williams in the area of Crown Valley in Fresno County.

The search area was approximately 30 square miles at an elevation of 4000’ to 9000’, and is approximately 35 miles southeast of Huntington Lake.

Williams is currently being transported out of the search area.

Contact Information

Tony Botti
Public Information Officer
(559) 600-8137