On Friday, June 10th, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office conducted Operation Gold Star.

A total of 142 officers from 18 different local, state and federal law enforcement agencies participated.  This was the first Operation Gold Star to take place in 11 years.  Everything went smoothly and concluded with no major incidents. Here is a look at the final stats.



Total arrests:    60

Felony:            21

Misdemeanor:  39

Operation Gold Star is designed to go beyond targeting gang activity, which is the primary focus of traditional M.A.G.E.C. operations.  Operation Gold Star is a proactive approach to impact criminal activities throughout the county.  It emphasizes high visibility patrol techniques toward identifying violent crime suspects.  It focuses on arresting wanted fugitives, probation and parole violators and gang members. Operation Gold Star keys in on areas of the community burdened by high crime rates, on-going criminal activity, emerging patterns of crime and gang related violence.


Contact Information

Tony Botti
Public Information Officer
(559) 600-8137