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The damage caused by the Creek Fire has caused several areas in the foothill and mountain communities of eastern Fresno County to become unstable.

Severe winter storms may contribute to dangerous mudslides and flooding across scarred land.  In preparation of potential natural disasters, the County of Fresno and the Sheriff’s Office have collaborated to develop a map to help residents identify high risk zones.  Much like the evacuation map accessed by the public during the Creek Fire, residents are able to enter an address into this “Creek Winter Storms” map to see the different risk levels.  Yellow indicates “High Risk” and red indicates “Extreme Risk.”  If a storm occurs, the map will activate to display evacuation zones.  These areas will be listed under three headings:  Evacuate, warning and no evacuation.

This is a direct link to the map: https://maps.fresnosheriff.org/gisportal1/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=72a6b606cb4148c7b54c700812d37534


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