luis pasillas

Deputies with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Kingsburg man on several charges after he beat up his girlfriend and her son. The suspect is 29-year-old Luis Pasillas.

The incident happened around 8:00 pm on Monday. Deputies responded to a home located on the 400 block of 6th Ave. Drive in Kingsburg.

The suspect, Pasillas, is believed to have been extremely intoxicated when he got into an argument with his girlfriend’s 20-year-old son. Pasillas then started a fist fight with the young man, which caused the woman to intervene. While trying to break up the fight, Pasillas punched his girlfriend multiple times. The woman got him to leave the home and she locked the doors.

Pasillas was able get back inside by entering through an unlocked window. Pasillas then went after the son again and began choking him, threatening to kill him. The son remembered that Pasillas had been carrying a handgun in his pants earlier in the evening, so fearing for his life, the young man grabbed a steak knife that was lying on the floor and stabbed Pasillas in the arm and forehead. The woman then called 911.

EMS personnel treated Pasillas for his injuries and he was later booked in the Fresno County Jail.

Deputies found a handgun in the house and the serial number on it had been removed. Pasillas also had three DUI warrants out for his arrest.

No deputies were injured during the incident.

Contact Information

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Public Information Officer
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