Detectives with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Sex Crimes Unit are seeking the public’s help to identify potential sexual assault victims or witnesses who may have had contact with 26 year old Cesar Eduardo Chavez of Fresno.

Chavez has been arrested and booked into the Fresno County Jail.  He is facing felony charges of kidnapping, assault likely to cause great bodily injury, attempted rape, sexual penetration with a foreign object and robbery.  He is also facing misdemeanor charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment.  His bail is set at $150,000.

The Sheriff’s Office has received two separate reports where Cesar Eduardo Chavez was identified as the suspect.  The first incident occurred on September 14th.  Chavez contacted a young woman through social media, asking her to go out to a movie.  She agreed and he picked her up in his silver compact car.  After leaving the theater, Chavez began to drive to a rural part of Fresno County.  Not sure where they were going, the woman asked to be taken home, but Chavez refused.  Once parked, Chavez forced himself on the woman, asking her to have sex.  She told him no, but he continued to be aggressive and would not let her leave the car.  She eventually fought him off, got out of the car and ran away.  Chavez drove off with the woman’s wallet and phone still in the car.  The woman walked to a gas station and made a 911 call to the Sheriff’s Office.

On October 1st, Chavez arranged to meet with another young woman by using social media.  Chavez picked her up and the two went to a retail store and then a fast food restaurant.  After eating, Chavez began to drive to a rural part of Fresno County.  The woman became worried where he was taking her so she asked to go home, but Chavez refused.  He parked his car and demanded a kiss from the woman.  She resisted as he forced his way onto her.  She finally fought him off her, unlocked the car and escaped.  As she ran down the road for help, Chavez sped toward her, nearly hitting her with his car.  She was able to jump into some bushes for safety.  As she hid, she dialed 911 and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.  Chavez left the area once he heard police sirens drawing closer.  Deputies arrived, found the woman and took her report.  She helped them to identify Chavez as the suspect.  Deputies determined where he lived, went to his home later that night and arrested him.

On October 2nd, Chavez posted bond and bailed out of jail.  As detectives reviewed previous reports, they noticed the September 14th case shared similarities with the October 1st case.  Detectives recontacted Chavez on October 2nd and arrested him again on new charges related to the incident reported on September 14th.

Both victims did not know Chavez personally.  They only communicated with him through social media where he goes by the names of Cesar and Eduardo.  Detectives believe Chavez may have targeted other women, but those women may not have reported the incidents to law enforcement.  

If anyone in the community has more information about Cesar Eduardo Chavez, please contact Detective Justin Williamson at (559) 600-8216 or the Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at (559) 600-3111.

***We are not releasing a photo of the suspect at this time. Our goal is to try and find new victims / witnesses. If we release a photo and the person sees it in the news / online, it will taint the authenticity of their identification of him. We must protect the integrity of our investigation.*** 

Contact Information

Tony Botti
Public Information Officer
(559) 600-8137