Due to several media inquiries, the following information is being released regarding the inmate with tuberculosis currently being housed at the jail. His identity is not being released.

The inmate in question was in custody at another location during which time he tested positive for tuberculosis. The inmate started treatment but then refused to complete it. As a result, a Fresno County Superior Court judge issued a warrant for the subject. He was arrested on the warrant and then transported by the Sheriff’s Transportation Unit, to the Fresno County Jail. The inmate does have a court date next month.

The inmate is currently being housed by himself in respiratory isolation cell which is specifically designed to house inmates with illnesses that could pose a risk to jail staff and other inmates. Necessary precautions are being taken by jail staff when they come in to proximity with the inmate.

The inmate’s condition poses no risk to other inmates, or visitors to the jail.

All further questions should be referred to Dr. Ken Bird, Interim Public Health Officer at the County’s Department of Public Health.

Contact Information

Tony Botti
Public Information Officer
(559) 600-8137