Shaver Rock

11/14/16 - Members of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (SAR) Team have recovered the bodies of two hiking victims.  They have been identified as Todd Byers, 49 of Fresno and Brayden Byers, 14, of Fresno.

11/12/16 - The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (SAR) Team has scheduled a recovery operation for Sunday morning.  SAR members will respond to the Shaver Rock area to retrieve the bodies of a man and his teenage son. 

Around 1:00 pm on Saturday, a citizen called the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office after reportedly seeing two people fall off an embankment near Shaver Lake.  The area this occurred is known as Shaver Rock, which is below the dam on the west side of the lake.  Patrol deputies responded to the area, along with the sheriff’s helicopter EAGLE One and members of Cal Fire – Fresno County.  The responders determined that a man and his teenage son fell into a deep canyon while walking along a hiking trail. Both died as a result of their fall.  Due to the remote location, rescuers were not able to access their bodies for members of the Coroner’s Office transportation unit.

The names of the victims and their city of residence is not available to release at this time.  This remains an ongoing investigation.

In another related matter, EAGLE One experienced a power failure while flying in the Shaver Lake area during this call.  The pilot was able to safely land the helicopter at the boat ramp of Edison Campground.  No one was injured and the helicopter was not damaged.  EAGLE One is scheduled to be towed back to Fresno on Sunday for further inspection.


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