Jolly Bose with SAR Team

After missing for 48 hours, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team has found 49 year old Jolly Bose of Palo Alto, CA.

Early Tuesday afternoon, the crew on board the Sheriff’s helicopter, EAGLE One, located Ms. Bose near Ershim Lake.  The crew landed, contacted her and transported her to the Sheriff’s Office command post where she was reunited with family and friends.  Bose was uninjured and did not require any medical attention.

Hikers who were with Bose reported her missing on the afternoon of Sunday, October 17th.  Bose became separated from her group while on the ridge that sits east of White Bark Vista and Dusy Ershim Trail.  She was found approximately 4 ½ miles from that location.  Bose endured five inches of new snow and overnight temperatures in the teens.

A total of 35 deputies and volunteers with SAR were deployed to search for Bose each day, around the clock.  Drones, helicopters, airplanes horses, jeeps and ATVs were all utilized to assist ground search teams.  Outside agencies who also helped in this search were Yosemite National Park, California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and the Marin County Sheriff’s SAR team.  The remote search area was at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet and experiencing snowy, icy conditions.

Jolly Bose with SAR Team
(From left) Deputy / TFO Tim Jacobsen, Jolly Bose, Deputy / Pilot Mike Sill
Jolly Bose pictured the day she went missing
SAR Command Post
SAR Command Post
SAR Command Post
Searchers on horseback
Blackhawk helicopter transporting out SAR Team

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