At 6:30 am on Wednesday (June 9), a theft of a catalytic converter took place on a Honda parked in a driveway near W. Indianapolis and N. Fruit Ave. in Fresno.

You can see a man holding a reciprocating saw crawl under the vehicle. He spends about 35 seconds trying to cut off the vehicle's catalytic converter and then leaves in a car with another man. The duo returned a couple minutes later and the thief put in another 15 seconds of work to remove the car part before fleeing.

So far in 2021, our office has received 36 reports of stolen catalytic converter thefts.  The approximate loss is $54,000.

If you have information about the suspects, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 559-621-3111 or Valley Crime Stoppers 559-498-7867. Reference case 21-6724.

Contact Information

Tony Botti
Public Information Officer
(559) 600-8137