A 12 year old boy who suffered a fatal gunshot wound has been identified as Ivan Gomez of Firebaugh.

Shortly after 12:30 pm on February 3rd, Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a home on the 600 block of N. Fairfax Ave. in Firebaugh for a report of an accidental shooting.  Deputies arrived and found a 12 year old boy with a gunshot wound.  He was later pronounced deceased.  Deputies gathered other people at the property to try and determine exactly what happened.  

Homicide detectives and members of the Crime Scene Unit were called to the home to conduct a deeper investigation.  Detectives learned that both the 12 year old victim and a 13 year old boy had access to a handgun.  Detectives are still working to find out how the kids were able to gain access to that gun.  What lead to the gun being fired and striking the victim remains a question in this ongoing investigation.

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