Recently, we have taken reports from people who have randomly received obscene and threatening text messages.

After looking into it, we have determined the reason behind it is an attempt to extort money from the recipient. Not only does the sender show disturbing, violent photos and use harsh language, but they include personal information. The sender makes specific references, such as the names of the recipient's family members and where they live. This is an effort to make their threats seem credible. Understand that with the internet, it is quite simple to research a person and get details about them to make it appear as if you know them. The goal of the sender is to instill fear and persuade the recipient to give into their demands for money. Don't fall for this tactic, it is a scam.

Sending annoying, threatening, harassing and obscene calls / texts is a misdemeanor crime and can lead to arrest and prosecution.  If you are a Fresno County resident, please report this activity to the Sheriff's Office online at

You may also make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission by visiting



Contact Information

Tony Botti
Public Information Officer
(559) 600-8137