Due to budget reductions, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office has been affected by numerous layoffs of professional staff. Deputies and detectives still work out of the substations. However, they are currently closed to the public.

Area 4 comprises the eastern mountain region of Fresno County and covers approximately 2,734 square miles. Within the area there are several small-populated rural communities, numerous lakes, rivers, and recreation areas.

Area 4 is both a summer and winter recreational area for local, national, and international tourism.

Fresno sheriffs provide unique services to this area that include units such as: Search and Rescue, Boating/Dive, and the Off-Highway Vehicle (snowmobiles/ATV/dirt bikes). Area 4's northeastern substation is located in Auberry on Auberry Road. Area 4's southeastern substation is located in Squaw Valley on Hwy 180. Currently both substations are only used by deputies to meet and serve the public on an occasional basis due to ongoing budget restraints.

Contact Information (Area 4/Kathy Curtice)

Lieutenant Kathy Curtice

(559) 292-1126

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