Due to budget reductions, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office has been affected by numerous layoffs of professional staff. Deputies and detectives still work out of the substations. However, they are currently closed to the public.

Area 3 comprises half of the Southwest Field Services Bureau and encompasses 559 square miles. It provides law enforcement services for about 150,000 residents in the southern Fresno County area.

There are several established communities within the geographic boundaries of Area 3. These communities are the incorporated cities of Orange Cove, Reedley, Sanger, Parlier, Selma, Fowler, and Kingsburg. There are also the unincorporated communities of Centerville, Minkler, Navelencia, Wahtoke, Del Rey, Raisin City, Easton, Caruthers, Laton, Riverdale, and Lanare. Within these communities, there are about 28 schools, with a population of 10,000 or more students.

The residents in this area are currently serviced by:

  • (1) Lieutenant
  • (6) Patrol Sergeants
  • (29) Deputy Sheriff’s
  • (1) Robbery/Property Detective Sergeant
  • (3) Robbery/Property Crime Detectives
  • (1) Ag Theft Detective Sergeant
  • (8) Ag Theft Detectives
  • (3) Crime Prevention Community Service Officers
  • (1) Vehicle Abatement Community Service Officer

Additionally the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Boating Enforcement Unit is based out of Area 3.

Area 3 is a diverse section of Fresno County with some portions being small incorporated cities which are separated by vast sections of rural farmland and waterways. The citizens that reside inside of the geographic boundaries of Area 3 are provided with 24-hour law enforcement service by the dedicated men and women who work at the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Area 3 substation.

Contact Information (Area 3/Brandon Pursell)

Lieutenant Brandon Pursell
(559) 600-8288


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