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The Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit consists of four Deputy Sheriff Detectives, one victim advocate and one Child Protective Service Social Worker. The Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit is responsible for investigating all child abuse cases, both sexual and physical, and sexual assault cases involving adult victims. The victim advocate assigned to the Unit provides ongoing support to victims and their families throughout the investigation and even after the investigation has been completed. The detectives work closely with Child Protective Services, medical professionals, prosecutors, and advocacy agencies. In addition to the special skills needed to work with these victims, the detectives assigned to the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit are committed to using their entire investigative prowess to identify, arrest and charge offenders who commit these offenses.

The Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit has been a leader in sexual assault and child abuse investigations and continues to keep pace with the new and innovative practices which allow for victims to be treated with dignity and respect and holds offenders accountable for their actions.

Contact Information

Lt. Brandon Pursell
(559) 600-8029

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