Fresno County Sheriff's detectives have released the identity of a Fresno man who was shot and killed by deputies last night in an apparent 'suicide by cop' incident. The suspect is 51-year-old Randall Lee Davis.

The incident began yesterday afternoon, shortly before 5:30pm, when deputies responded to an attempt suicide call at a residence located in the 5000 Block of East Thomas Avenue.

The caller, the apparent girlfriend of Davis, advised dispatchers that Davis was suicidal, had cut his wrists and throat with a box cutter, and was bleeding badly.

Deputies arrived on scene within minutes. As they exited their vehicles, Davis appeared from the front yard area of the residence, covered in blood and armed with a knife. Davis immediately rushed the deputies and threatened to kill them. Fearing for his life, one deputy used his issued handgun to fire one round at Davis before his weapon malfunctioned.

As the deputy retreated, Davis continued to advance with the knife still in his hand. The second deputy was able to fire more than one round at Davis who was struck by the rounds and fell to the ground.

Emergency Medical personnel responded and declared Davis dead at the scene.

Sheriff's homicide detectives, along with investigators from the District Attorney's Office, responded to the scene to handle the shooting investigation. During the investigation, detectives discovered what appeared to be several self-inflicted knife wounds to Davis' arms and neck.

One of the deputies sustained a minor arm injury when he fell to the ground during the incident.

The deputies, one a ten-year veteran and the other a 13-year veteran, have been put on administrative leave with pay.

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