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Medical and Mental Health Services
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Corizon Health is contracted to provide health care services to individuals who are detained in the custody of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, ensuring the provision of emergency, acute, and basic medical/mental health care to all inmates with the mission of delivering safe, effective, and efficient services using clinical best practices and evidence-based medicine.  

Health professionals provide medical and mental health services both on-site and off-site.   Staff members consist of physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, medical records staff, clerks and administrators.  Chronic Care Clinics for Hypertension Disorders, Diabetes, Asthma and Seizures, as well as specialty services for Dental, HIV/AIDS, STD, TB testing and treatment, and prenatal care for all pregnant inmates is available on-site. Hospitalization and specialty clinics complete this health care system, which meets community standards.

Nurses medically screen every inmate before they are accepted into the Jail system. Screening is done for emergency, acute, and chronic medical and mental health needs. 

Privately provided medications are generally not administered in Jail.  Medication ordered by a Corizon physician will be provided through Corizon medication administration.  If you want to ensure our medical staff is aware of an inmate’s medication, you may call (559) 600-9360 and ask to speak with the Charge Nurse.

To request medical care for non-emergent illnesses and injuries, inmates are instructed to complete a medical request form and give it to medical staff personnel. Pursuant to Penal Code §4011.2, inmates are charged a co-pay of $3 for sick call visits.  Emergency care, communicable disease issues, medical provider referrals, and follow-up treatments are not subject to the co-pay.  Inmates are never denied medical treatment due to a lack of funds. 

While most routine medical care is provided within the Jails, it is occasionally necessary to transport an inmate to a hospital for care.  For security reasons, details of the date, time, and location of those transports are not made available.  If an inmate is admitted to a hospital, however, visiting may be allowed. 

In the event an inmate elects to decline treatment by medical staff and is willing to provide medical treatment at their own expense, they may be transported from the Jail to a privately owned and operated medical facility or hospital that is located in Fresno County approved by a judge of the Superior Court for such treatment (a court order must be obtained).  All costs for the provider, diagnostic tests, and transportation fees must be pre-paid, and will not be undertaken by the County or by Corizon Health. Penal Code §4023.

Medical information will not be given to family or friends due to federal and state privacy laws.  The patient may give medical updates to their family and friends.  Medical staff accepts medical or mental health information and will follow-up with the individual as appropriate.  In order to obtain medical or mental health information, the inmate must sign a “Authorization for Disclosure” form, designating you, by name and phone number, as the party authorized to receive the information.

In addition to the medical services offered in the Jail, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office offers a comprehensive range of mental health services.  Initial mental health assessments are conducted as part of the screening process to determine the need for such care.  The intake nurse will schedule follow-up services and advise Population Management staff regarding inmate placement or special housing requirements, as needed.

Corizon Mental Services provides 24-hour mental health assessment and stabilization service within the Jail for acutely and seriously mentally disordered persons.  In-custody services that are available include:  crisis assessment, brief counseling, psychiatric medications as appropriate, pre-release planning as needed for the mentally disordered person, and referral for evaluation for psychiatric hospitalization.  The program is staffed by mental health clinicians and is available to all incarcerated inmates.  Short-term crisis intervention is available, and may be requested by any Jail staff member or by the inmate. 

Supporting and coping with a loved one who suffers from a mental health issue can be extremely challenging and stressful.  You can provide strong and effective support during this important time by doing the following:

  • When contacted by the inmate, stay calm and offer your support.
  • Tell the inmate that a screening will be conducted for mental health issues, and that it is okay to discuss medical and mental health concerns with nursing and mental health staff.  It is important that inmates feel safe to speak openly with these professionals.
  • If release is unlikely to occur soon, and you are concerned about important information reaching Medical/Mental Health staff, you may call (559) 600-9360 and ask to speak with the Charge Nurse.

Jail Questions

How do I get information about someone who was arrested?

To see if someone is in custody, check the Inmate Information Center, or you may call 1-888-373-7011.

Can I order packaged goods online for an inmate?

Yes -- MyCarePack.com gives you the opportunity to show friends and loved ones you're thinking of them while they're incarcerated.