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Evictions and FAQs
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Garnishments will typically start the first pay check after valid service of the Earnings Withholding Order has taken place.

The Civil Unit collects $12.00 from every garnishment processed so please take that into consideration when figuring out total funds credited toward monies owed.

To cancel any eviction after the sheriff has received the writ of possession, the attorney of record or plaintiff, if pro per, must submit a signed and dated instruction form requesting the lockout process to be terminated. No one other than the attorney of record or plaintiff if pro per may cancel a lockout.

A reminder that the eviction will take place on the date specified after 6:00am and that we only give out specific times to plaintiffs and their attorneys.

For assistance with the eviction process you should consult an attorney. The "Helpful Links" section on the Civil page of this site contains links to both the California Courts Self Help Center and the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Contact the Small Claims legal advisor at 559-262-4291.

To obtain any kind of restraining order you should contact the California Superior Courts. The sheriff's office does not issue restraining orders.

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