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Uniform Field Reserves
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The Fresno County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Bureau is comprised of more than 50 reserve patrol deputies assigned to four areas throughout the County of Fresno, which encompasses 6,000 square miles.

The Law Enforcement Bureau has a command structure that parallels the regular department, which provides the opportunity for reserve deputies to hold ranks including sergeant, lieutenant and captain.

Many law enforcement reserves are preparing for a paid career in law enforcement; others make a career of being volunteers. Some reserves have served as unpaid law enforcement deputies for more than 20 years.

Sheriff's law enforcement reserve deputies are assigned to areas throughout Fresno County. They work in solo patrol units, providing all levels of law enforcement from the day-to-day duties of a patrol deputy to assisting in major emergencies. Also, they provide crowd and traffic control and community events and at crime scenes.

Because of the diversity of Fresno county, law enforcement reserves can be found responding to radio calls ranging from domestic violence to armed robbery in high crime urban areas one day, or in the next day tracking down and destroying a marijuana field in the county's immense back country. Reserve deputies also participate in special Gold Star operations. Of course, a reserve deputy is apt to spend some shifts writing reports, issuing traffic tickets and providing cover for another deputy.

Law enforcement reserve deputies are required to work a minimum of 200 hours per year, and attend monthly unit meetings and training.

Qualifications to become a uniform field reserve deputy are:

  • 21 years or older at time of academy graduation
  • US citizenship
  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Valid California driver's license at time of appointment
  • Pass written examination and qualifications appraisal interview
  • Good physical condition; weight/height in proper proportion
  • Complete medical examination required
  • Pass polygraph examination
  • Hearing must be unimpaired
  • Good moral character. No felony conviction
  • Physically and emotionally able to perform LE duties
  • Pass physical capability and psychological tests
  • Complete minimum Level III academy

Contact Information

Lieutenant Ryan Hushaw
(559) 600-8341
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