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To obtain an Owner Applied Number (OAN) to mark your property with, please telephone the ACTION office at (559) 624-1054.


The Fresno Sheriff's Ag Task Force’s primary objective is the investigation and suppression of all agriculture-related crimes and all metal theft-related crimes in Fresno County. The secondary objective is ag crime prevention through education and communication with our partners in the ag industry.

Fresno County is the number one County in the Nation in Agra Business, with more than $5 Billion generated by local agriculture annually. The Fresno Sheriff's Office places a high value on the investigation and prosecution of Ag-related crimes. One of the primary tools used to fight Ag crimes by the Sheriff's Office is the Fresno Sheriff's Ag Task Force.

The Fresno Sheriff's Ag Task Force is comprised on a Sheriff's Lieutenant, a Sheriff's Sergeant, seven Sheriff's Detectives, a CHP Officer and a Deputy District Attorney from the Fresno District Attorney's Office. The Ag Task Force investigates all Ag and metal theft related crimes in all of Fresno County.

The Task Force also participates in the ACTION (Ag Crimes Technology Information & Organization Network). ACTION is an association of 13 central California Counties that regularly share information, support and technology to battle Ag and rural crime. Ag criminals often freely move from one County to the next and this association has been very effective in bring criminals to justice who live in one County and commit crimes in another County.

Contact Information

Sergeant Ryan Hushaw
(559) 600-8150
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