Property and Evidence Unit

Property and Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence Unit is part of the Detective Bureau of the Sheriff’s Office. The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the custody, documentation, and preservation of all physical evidence seized or obtained by the Sheriff’s Office. The best physical evidence in the world becomes useless if it is not documented, preserved and stored correctly. The Property and Evidence Unit provides this treatment - accurately, completely, and without fail.

Two Identification Technicians, supervised by a Homicide Sergeant, staff the Property and Evidence Unit which is located in the Headquarters basement. This unit is, frankly, understaffed and overworked, particularly when one considers that thousands of items of evidence and property are stored in over thirty locations throughout the metropolitan area. A testament to the efficiency of the Property and Evidence Unit is that it has never (permanently) lost a single piece of physical evidence. The care and nurturing of the Property and Evidence Unit is a vital role for every person in the Sheriff’s Office because the unit provides direct and critical services for every employee who deals with physical evidence and property. Thousands of items of property of every conceivable description are all documented, secured and stored by the Property and Evidence Unit, to be safely preserved until it is needed for court or returned to its rightful owner. And the Chain of possession is always right...

Contact Information

Sergeant Joe Smith
(559) 600-8200
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