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Operation: Identification, or Operation I.D., is a theft prevention/property identification program for use in homes and businesses. Operation I.D. involves the marking of property with an identifying number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. This number also helps law enforcement agencies identify your property should it be lost or stolen.

All items that might be attractive to a thief such as radios, televisions, camera equipment, stereos, small appliances, tools, and sports equipment should be marked. Small or very valuable items such as jewelry or antiques can either be engraved by a jeweler and videotaped or photographed for identification purposes. Photographs and videotapes should include a ruler to show scale size. The photograph should be dated and your identification number should be shown in the picture or written on the print.

Methods of marking your property vary and include using an electronic etcher or an acid-based ink. Heavy equipment can be marked by using a metal stamping kit.

Make a video tape and/or list of the marked items including the make, model, size, color, and serial number, as applicable. Also, record the exact spots where you have engraved the items. Keep this record or video at home for reference and additions.

After marking your property, display an Operation I.D. sticker near every entrance to your home. The stickers can be obtained from a Fresno County Sheriff's Office Community Service Officer.

You can mark your own property or contact a Community Service Officer at the Fresno County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention office to mark your property for you. The telephone number to the Crime Prevention Office is 559-488-2525. Your property can be marked by inscribing your driver's license number and state identifier (CA for California). If you do not drive, mark you valuables by engraving your California identification card number, which can be obtained from the state Department of Motor Vehicles. If you wish, an Owner Applied Number (OAN) can be issued to you by a Community Service Officer. All of these numbers are unique and can be traced to you if your property is lost or stolen.

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