Identity Theft Prevention

Other Useful Tips

  • Don't carry your social security card!
  • If you have your social security number on your driver's license, go to the Department of Motor Vehicle and have it removed. There is a small fee.
  • Don't carry your health insurance card unless you need it for that particular day!.
  • Don't carry your check book. Carry only the checks you know you will write that day!
  • Don't carry any cards with your social security number on them such as; military dependent card, Medicare card, etc. Take them out of your "hiding place", only when you will use them that day.
  • Carry only one credit card and one debit card on your person!
  • Pick up your mail promptly!
  • Don't put bills with checks in your mail box! Use the blue U.S. Postal mail boxes.
  • Buy a cross cut shredder. Shred everything you receive in the mail after you are done with the document, this includes magazine labels or anything with a bar code!
  • If you receive any phone call or e-mail requesting any personal information, hang up the phone! Your account holders, banks, and credit card companies have this information and would never request it.
  • Don't give out any personal information to anyone through the internet, unless you initiate the contact!
  • Check your credit card and bank statements carefully for discrepancies, on line, daily, if possible. If reviewing written statements, shred them!
  • When ordering any product over the phone or internet, use your credit card, not your debit card. The debit card is your bank account!

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