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A Clovis man was arrested yesterday on a felony charge after using a "wrist rocket" slingshot to shoot marbles at several passing cars. Arrested was 59 year old Edward Arthur Gill.

Shortly before 5:00am, deputies responded to a residence located in the 1500 block of E Alluvial Ave to contact one of the victims. The victim reported she had been driving in the area of Tollhouse & Mendocino when her driver side window was shot out.Deputies responded to the area where the shooting took place and discovered glass in the roadway in front of a residence located in the 13500 block of E Tollhouse. While on scene, deputies learned of another victim whose window was shot out in the same location, the previous night.

Deputies made contact with Gill who lived in a trailer at the property. Deputies eventually learned Gill had used a slingshot to shoot marbles at several passing cars. Gill had apparently shot at the vehicles because they were disturbing his sleep.

While at Gill’s residence, deputies also discovered a large amount of live ammunition, a barrel of gunpowder, and reloading material. Members of the Sheriff’s Explosive Ordnance Detail responded and took custody of the materials.

One victim received minor injuries from broken glass as a result of the incident.

Gill was later booked into the Fresno County Jail on a felony charge.

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