Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies have booked 29 year old Matthew Shadrick of Squaw Valley into the Fresno County Jail.

He faces a new charge of resisting arrest, as well as charges attached to a warrant for burglary and being contempt of court.  His total bail amount is set at $144,000. 

Around 4:30 pm on March 9th, Fresno County Sheriff Deputies Vito and Lord-Huff were dispatched to a check on Matthew Shadrick, who was reportedly acting bizarre.  Deputies responded to the 47000 block of Creekside Road in Squaw Valley.  While driving to the home, deputies discovered Shadrick had two warrants for his arrest.  He was also on probation for burglary and numerous identity theft related charges. 

As soon as the deputies arrived, Shadrick ran from them.  He headed into mountainous terrain and ran through several properties.   Deputies Vito and Lord-Huff chased after him on foot and used their radios to coordinate a back-up response.  One of their requests was for a K-9 Unit.  Deputy Mehling and his dog Maggie were on duty, but were about 45 miles away.  Needing to get to the scene quickly, Deputy Mehling met with the crew of our EAGLE One helicopter at the Fresno Airport to hitch a ride into the foothills.  As they flew to the area, Deputies Vito and Lord-Huff continued to pursue Shadrick for over a half mile, taking about 30 minutes.  EAGLE One landed where the suspect was last seen and let Deputy Mehling and Maggie out.  Within just a few minutes of doing so, Maggie began to tug Deputy Mehling’s leash, focusing on a noise in some shrubs directly behind him.  Deputy Mehling took Maggie closer and called out for the person to surrender if there was in fact someone hiding in the bushes.  Once Maggie advanced and barked loudly, Shadrick came out, saying to get the dog away and he would give up.  He did and deputies took Shadrick into custody without any problem.

Afterwards, it was discovered that while Shadrick was running from deputies, he went to a random home and tried to convince the woman there to let him hide him from the deputies. She told him no and he ran away. 

Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (559) 600-3111, Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-7867 or  You will remain anonymous and may receive a cash reward.

Matthew Shadrick
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