2/22/2017 - The Fresno County Sheriff's Office and members of California Office of Emergency Services continue to monitor the situation of a weakened levee north of Tranquillity.

We are in constant communication with the Tranquillity Irrigation District to get updates of its structural integrity. A contingency plan is in place for notifications, response and evacuations should the levee break and flooding occurs.

2/17/2017 - The Fresno County Sheriff’s is working with members of the California Office of Emergency Services, Cal Fire, Fresno County Public Works and the Tranquillity Irrigation District to monitor a potential hazardous situation in an area northwest of the town of Tranquillity.

All agencies are focused on a weakened levee that sits in the area of the Fresno Slough, where the San Joaquin River and Kings River meet.  Crews are monitoring this spot 24 hours a day.  As a precaution, the Sheriff’s Office has issued flood advisories to approximately 80 homes to let them know they could face a possible flood situation if the levee were to break.  Early projections show that water, two to three feet deep, would most likely flow to an area west of the town of Tranquillity.  Those impacted would be in the areas bordered by Manning Ave., James Road., Tuolumne Ave. and the Fresno Slough. (See map with red outline)  The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office will provide updates to residents through social media, Everbridge and the local media if there are any major changes with the levee.  If you are a Fresno County resident who has not registered to receive free alerts to your mobile devices through Everbridge, please do so by signing up at






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