Fresno County Sheriff’s detective are investigating another marijuana grow site at a home in central Fresno, after a vehicle used in an unrelated robbery was discovered at the residence.

Yesterday, shortly before 1100 hrs, deputies responded to the site of a recently eradicated marijuana grow site located near the intersection of Bearclover and Sundew in eastern Fresno County.

The female victim reported she was at the former site visiting a friend when she observed a female seated in a car parked nearby. When she attempted to contact the female, two Hispanic males, both armed with handguns, approached and robbed her of her purse and backpack. The two males then got in the vehicle and fled.

The victim was able to get the license plate number of the vehicle, described as a white Toyota pick-up truck. The vehicle came back registered to a residence located in the 3700 block of E Turner in the City of Fresno.

Assisted by Fresno PD, the vehicle was located at the residence, and eventually stopped after a female was seen driving it away.

A search warrant was eventually served at the E Turner address where detectives discovered over 100 marijuana plants, in various stages of maturity, planted in the back yard. Marijuana was also found drying inside the residence.

Several people inside the residence were detained, including a female who was recognized by detectives as having been a victim in a previous armed robbery at a marijuana grow site in the area of Freeway 41 and Dinuba. That robbery was reported earlier this year.

No one has been arrested thus far. However the investigation is ongoing. The marijuana plants were eradicated by detectives.

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