All detention facilities are no-hostage facilities. Employees will not bargain for the release of hostages.

Items not Accepted

Any mail (including magazines, books and articles) that has the following characteristics will be considered contraband and the entire envelope and its contents will be returned to the sender:

  • Anything mailed in a padded envelope or box.
  • Contains any type of currency or negotiable items (e.g., cash, checks, money orders). 
  • Contains postage stamps, stickers, stationery or envelopes.   
  • Contains pieces/sheets of plastic or anything laminated.
  • Contains tissue, blotter, or construction paper. 
  • Contains food items. 
  • Anything written or colored with crayon, markers, wax, water colors, or white-out.  
  • Has had a foreign substance applied to the envelope or letter (e.g., lipstick, perfume, cologne, powder, stickers, etc.).  
  • Sound-making devices.
  • Contains loose pages torn from novels, word-find and puzzle books. 
  • Sexually explicit photos, publications, drawings or writings, and mail containing information concerning where, how, or from whom such matter may be obtained, and nude photographs of friends, relatives or acquaintances. Sex-based publications that depict frontal nudity or penetration are prohibited (e.g., Playboy, Playgirl, Penthouse, Hustler, etc.).   
  • Any gang-related pictures, writings, or drawings.
  • Any matter of a character tending to incite murder, arson, riot, violent racism, or any other form of violence.
  • Any matter concerning gambling or a lottery.
  • Threatens blackmail and/or extortion.
  • Concerns the sending of contraband in or out of any facility.
  • Depicts, encourages or describes methods of escape from correctional facilities.
  • Information which would present a clear and present danger of violence and/or physical harm to persons in or outside of the facility.
  • Concerns plots or plans to disrupt the order of the facility and/or to breach the security of the facility.
  • Any material advocating criminal activity, violation of any criminal law, or violation of facility rules or regulations.
  • Contains coded messages which are not reasonably understood by the reader.
  • Depicts or describes procedures for the construction or use of weapons, ammunition, bombs, or incendiary devices.
  • Depicts or describes procedures for the brewing of alcoholic beverages, or the manufacture of drugs.

Contact Information

Captain Jennifer Horton
Jail Programs and Services Bureau
(559) 600-8138
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Captain Ron Vega
Jail Operations Bureau
(559) 600-8139
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Jail Watch Commander
(559) 600-8440

Inmate Info
(559) 600-8600

Jail Questions

  • Can I order packaged goods online for an inmate?

    Yes -- MyCarePack.com gives you the opportunity to show friends and loved ones you're thinking of them while they're incarcerated.

  • How do I get information about someone who was arrested?

    To see if someone is in custody, check the Inmate Information Center, or you may call (559) 600-8600.


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