All detention facilities are no-hostage facilities. Employees will not bargain for the release of hostages.


ATTENTION: Effective May 1, 2014, U.S. Postal Money Orders will no longer be accepted.  All money MUST be deposited via TouchPay. 

Every inmate in the jail is initially provided with:

  • A Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • A Comb
  • Soap
  • Writing paper
  • A Pencil
  • Two stamped envelopes
  • A razor
  • A plastic cup

Each inmate in the facility (except those on disciplinary status for violating facility rules) may purchase up to $175.00 of commissary each week. Commissary items offered for sale include personal hygiene supplies, stationery items, over-the-counter medications, food and snack items, cards, and games. If an inmate does not have any funds in their account, they are eligible for an indigent package. The indigent package contains soap, toothpaste, a razor, and writing materials, and is available per request, on a weekly basis.

Money can only be deposited into an inmate's account via TouchPay.  Deposits to an inmate's trust account can be made in the following ways:

At the Kiosks located in the Jail Lobbies.  Cash, Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards accepted.  Neither personal checks nor cashier's checks will be accepted. 

Online at:

Toll-free phone: 1-866-232-1899

Facility locator #293721 and Booking # are required for trust deposits.

There is a fee to use these services.


Inmate Info Search gives you the opportunity to show friends and loved ones you're thinking of them while they're incarcerated.

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