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(Per Assembly Bill 2256)

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Pursuant to SB2, signed by the governor on September 29, 2017, Fresno County Recorder is now charging an additional fee of $75 effective January 1, 2018. Due to this increase, Fresno County Sheriff Civil Unit will increase deposits for Real Property Levy’s to $1500.00.


Due to budget reductions, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office Civil Unit has been affected by numerous layoffs of professional staff.  In order to stay within compliance of government codes, the Civil Code of Procedure, Family Code and Penal Code, the Sheriff's Civil Unit has reduced the hours of operation to the public.  During this closure time we will be processing your requests for service of process and executions of levies, posting civil collections for payments to judgment creditors, and refunds to defendants.

Civil Public Window Hours of Operation are:
Mon, Wed, & Fri, 9:00am – 3:00pm

If you know the Sheriff’s Levy number, and court case number, you can view details of the Sheriff’s file by clicking the link below and entering the required information.


The Sheriff is required by law to charge fees for most civil process and enforcement of judgment actions. Fees must be paid in advance. Sheriff's fees are set in accordance with the California Government Code 26720 et seq. The Sheriff is entitled to his fees whether or not service/execution was successful. (Government Code 26736; 26738). Any fees paid to the Sheriff will increase the total amount to satisfy the judgment. 

Forms of payment accepted:

  • Certified Funds
  • Money Orders
  • Business Checks
  • Cash
  • Granted Court Order for Fee Waiver.


In addition to fees for service, an additional deposit may be required to execute your levy.* Levy deposits are estimates of costs based upon the combination of statutory fees and anticipated expenses related to performing a particular type of levy. Additional deposits may be required in order to offset the actual expenses related to the handling of inventory, moving, safekeeping of property and conducting execution sales. A deposit, sufficient to pay the costs of seizing and storing property, is a prerequisite to the performance of any levy by the Sheriff's Civil Unit. Any portion of the creditor's deposit that is not actually used will be refunded to the judgment creditor. Any deposit paid and used by the Sheriff to execute the levy will increase the total amount to satisfy the judgment.

*Court Order on Application for Fee Waiver can not be used for payment on levy deposits.


Only an attorney is allowed to give legal advice. Any information that we provide should not be construed as legal advice. If you have a legal question, please contact an attorney or you may contact the Attorney Referral Service at 559-264-0137.


Hours of Operation

Public Window Hours

Monday, Wednesday,
Friday: 9am to 3pm

Contact Information

Lt. Ronald Hayes
(559) 600-8230
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mailing Address

Fresno County Sheriff's Office Civil Unit
P.O. Box 1788
Fresno, CA 93717

Office Address

2200 Fresno St
Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 600-8230
(559) 600-8322 (fax)

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