Civil Process Fee Schedule

Service of Process Fee Schedule
California Courts All Court Process $40.00
Two (2) Sets of documents are Required for Service of Plaintiff Claim & Order, Order of Examination, Subpoenas, Notices and Summons and the attached documents to the Summons. Copies
Govt. Code 26727
$1.00 Per page
Out of State Courts All Court Process $40.00
Notary for Out of State Documents *If required $10.00
Levy and Deposit Fee Schedule
Bank and Third Party Levy (simple garnishments)   $40.00
Civil Bench Warrant - Govt. Code 26744.5
Civil Bench Warrant – Govt. Code 26744
Earnings Withholding Order   $35.00
Eviction – Writ of Possession for Real Property   $145.00
Keeper Levy (8 hours) (Plus deposit if seizing property)   $240.00*
Keeper Levy (48 hours) Seize inventory, moving and storage.   $1340.00*
Till Tap Levy or Demand   $100.00*
Writ of Attachment – Personal Property Levy - Simple Garnishment   $40.00
Writ of Attachment – Personal Property Levy - Complex Seizure   $1260.00*
Writ of Attachment – Real Property Levy Deposit   $500.00*
Writ of Execution / Money Judgment – Personal Property Levy Deposit   $1260.00*
Writ of Execution / Money Judgment – Real Property Levy Deposit   $1260.00*
Writ of Possession / Personal Property – Levy, Seize and Turnover   $100.00*
Writ of Possession – Claim and Delivery   $1260.00*
Writ of Sale – Real or Personal Property Levy Deposit   $1260.00*
Vehicle Levy Deposit   $1260.00*

*An additional deposit may be required on all levies with an asterisk.

Sheriff's Instructions

A letter of instruction must accompany all process or notices brought to the Sheriff for service or enforcement (CCP 262, 684.130, 687.010 etc.) This letter of instruction is required by law and must identify the name of the individual/judgment debtor and the address for service. A detailed description of any property sought and the relevant code section. The letter of instructions must be signed and dated by the plaintiff and or attorney of record.

Certain types of levies, such a real property levy and sale, require very specific instructions. You should be familiar with the specific legal requirements of your process or notice before you submit your paperwork.

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